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You do the walk, 
We'll do the rest

If you're planning to walk in and around A Costa da Morte, we can offer high-quality accommodation, transfers to your the start and end points of your day's walk, Spanish language support as well as local knowledge.

Camino de Santiago


Ruta dos Faros

Via Mariana

Your Walk

Your Walk

Whether you're walking the Camino from Santiago or between Muxia and Fisterra or the Camino dos Faros or maybe even the Via Mariana, carrying your luggage or arranging to have it sent on ahead as well as sleeping in a different bed every night can be an unnecessary mental burden.

We offer a different way to experience your Camino - where you can enjoy the walk without worrying about the logistics.

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You do the walk well do the rest.jpg
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The idea

Enjoy the meditative aspect of walking without the worry of what to do with your bags or where you will spend the night.

For some people, part of the experience of walking the Camino de Santiago includes carrying a pack and not knowing exactly where they will be sleeping at night.  For others, this aspect can cause anxiety and detract from the meditative component or the enjoyment of the journey.  We offer a service that takes away that anxiety and uncertainty.

We are located in Muxia, on the Santiago - Muxia - Finisterra circuit.  From here, we are perfectly positioned to drive you to and from a drop-off/pick up point of your choice along your chosen Camino.  You can walk as far as you please, then we'll pick you up, bring you back to Muxia to spend your evening and transport you back to your previous day's endpoint to continue your journey until you reach your destination. 


Alternative Options